What Is The Best Approach To Article Marketing?

While the answer to this question could take up an entire course all on it’s own, the simple answer is as follows.

1. Do not try and game the system. Writing good content and publishing it to a few quality directories will give you much better results then using “tricks” to spin or scrape inferior content.

2. Conduct keyword research before writing your articles. You can use Google Adwords tools and other keyword tools to find the best keywords for your site. The key is to look for keywords with high search volume but a low number of competing websites. Optimize your articles for those keywords but don’t have them used more than 2% of the time, or most directories will reject them and they won’t perform well in the search engines.

3. Create a strong call to action in your resource box. Try to create a seemless flow from the body of the article into that call to action.

4. If you are promoting your own website with your articles be sure to use keyword rich anchor text in your resource box.

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